Shoplifting Profiling Essential Information

Perhaps one of the most controversial topics when it comes to securing your business is shoplifter profiling. While this much-debated technique may not be the most effective way to secure your business, millions of loss prevention staff utilize this technique to spot a potential thief or threat.

Shoplifter profiling is a loss prevention technique that is silently being practiced by many suppliers in an effort to reduce inventory losses. While you may think this is an ineffective way to protect your inventory, you’re subjected to profiling throughout your day. For example, advertising agencies along with mega marketing houses utilize profiling to advertise products to specific shoppers in an attempt to boost sales. While you may think you’re more than a stereotype, profiling has lead to the success of many businesses as well as the security of many more.

If you think about it, the art of profiling people is component of our daily lives. It is normally how we judge who is normally friendly, who is normally harmful, who is normally honest, and who can be compatible with our ideals. The personal features of appearance and character are certainly intertwined in our decision producing procedure for how we first understand the picture of individuals we fulfill.

Generally, our preliminary impression of individuals adjustments once we obtain even more details about them. It’s simple to become misled due to inaccurate first impressions. The majority of people are excellent actors. They’re able to alter the way they walk, talk and carry themselves to produce an air of positivity and success. You likely profile on a regular basis. In many cases, if a person wearing a nice outfit approached you youíd likely be more open to conversation than someone who was wearing tattered and stained clothing.

Retail loss prevention consultants are familiar with not only what types of products are generally stolen, but also the typical shoplifter demographic based upon the customer base. Throughout the past several decades, information about shoplifters has been accumulated to provide a more precise (yet still general) picture of your average shoplifter. This not only includes their physical appearance, but more appropriately, their behavior. Shoplifter profiling is more of a behavioral science than anything else.

Once loss prevention experts were able to formulate a clear picture of common criminals based upon behavior, they were able to utilize this information to help train security guards on the psychology of thieves. As humans, we tend to follow a very similar behavioral spectrum. Of course, there are master thieves who are able to lurk throughout retail establishments without even raising an eyebrow, the majority of thieves do not carry such talents.

However, itís important to note shoplifter profiling must be carried out in a professional and respectful manner. Security companies must train their guards to not concentrate on the appearance of shoppers, but rather their behavior. Remember, you can’t judge a book by its cover; however, you can judge a book by reading its words. Ultimately, that’s what shoplifter profiling is: the reading of shoppers to uncover their story.